For those who embrace healing, and the otherworldly, Craig Contemporary is a company that is transcendent because we encourage self discovery by offering pieces of art that are grounding and have a one-of-a kind glow

About Craig Contemporary

Kim Craig

Jewelry Designer

My pathway to creating jewelry became visible the day I wandered into Jay B. Starkers shop along Main St. while living in Sarasota Florida. I was perusing through a rack of his hand-made photo postcards and laughing at the pictures he had chosen, when Jay approached, his eyes sparkling with mischief. We struck up conversation and I began stopping by to see him and listen to him play music on the piano at the front of his expansive jewelry shop. He was in his late 60's then and was having some health issues so he hired me to help out. Jay called me his, "Man Friday". It was here that the groundwork was laid for Craig Contemporary. I am grateful to have had that time learning from this well-loved artist who had come up in New York in Greenwich Village and had been a part of the Beat Generation. I had never thought about how jewelry was made or understood any of its magical processes but Jay opened that gateway for me to see and I was spellbound by this intricate Universe. 

“In every work the seeds of new thought are brought to bloom. To the extent that whatever comes forth is appealing to one’s senses, it becomes a welcome addition to our life inventory of pleasantries. The human race is continuing its ancient bent, and once again the art of this time represents what has successfully transpired plus the added magic of the “great manipulator.” I hope to be a part of this process in some small way that jubilance may be brought to one’s life.” 

--- Jay B. Starker 

I have been practicing the art of making jewelry in various forms since this introduction to the craft and have been lucky to be apart of some fun teams in the industry. From fabricating bijoux in Montreal to assisting in a casting studio in Toronto it's been a cool ride. I'm stoked to offer this artwork and it is my hope that my customers find comfort and feel good in these pieces. I appreciate that you are here!

The Artistic and Shipping Processes

Designing jewelry that brings joy to the person who is wearing it brings me great satisfaction. I explore and ponder the magical processes, healing properties and myths associated with the materials and motifs.

The name Craig Contemporary was conceptualized by an old friend. I had cycled through a few business names and cards before she thought of the idea of naming my art contemporary. After we decided on the name I reached out to a graphic designer friend who constructed my logo. Like the Beatles song says, " I get by with a little help from my friends.."

I like the notion of creating in the present or for the present moment or person. I appreciate that experimentation is highly prized within the contemporary art world. I enjoy the freedom of contemporary design and its open door policy on innovation and invention.

My artwork goes through a design contemplation and thought process with a personal meaning found that sometimes occurs in an intuitive way, often while I'm making it. Other times the meaning of the piece thunderclaps into existence after its done. I expand on the details about each design and this description is found by selecting or clicking on the available art and scrolling down to bottom of the page.

Designing jewelry that brings joy to the person who is wearing it brings me great satisfaction. I explore and ponder the magical processes, healing properties and myths associated with the materials and designs.

Each wax model is instinctively hand-carved and ushered into existence by me in my distinctive home studio in Midtown, Toronto. It is here that I create, finish and polish each piece. With the exception of the casting process and mold making respectively. For these services I go to a local casting company downtown, so rest assured it is all made and imagined in Canada. I am thinking of journeying into the land of sand casting in the future so stay tuned for this artistic process and its subsequent creations.

I often forage from nature which leads to integrating the beauty of natural elements into my work; from birch bark to cedar seeds fallen from a tree, I find passion intuitively while crafting these elements into art. These pieces are one-of-a-kind and completely individual. If you are purchasing these designs they will be shipped out immediately. When you order the birchbark ring I create the band out of the bark of your choosing. I often have a selection of birchbark from different parts of Canada on my bench. This ring is my best seller. It will be shipped to you 2-3 weeks after we your preferences and sizing. 

The designs that are not labelled as one-of-a-kind I have made into molds. They can be created upon purchase and in surplus. I can adjust the sizing in the wax model before its caste so the rings fit your exact size. These pieces are not always kept in stock so please allow 2-3 weeks for creation and for your package to arrive.

I am interested in recycling metals and re-using old jewelry. I love custom designing so please feel free to reach out !! We can discuss what you are looking for and how to integrate your old materials... lets give these forgotten pieces a new creative purpose.

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Craig Contemporary is a local Toronto artist-run jewelry company. Please send me an email to set up an appointment. Wholesale inquiries are welcome. Thank you for your interest! 

Forest Hill

Toronto, ON Canada

I love my earrings and I love showing them off! 

Jill Waltz
Toronto, Ontario

I am the lucky owner of several of Kim's pieces! You can absolutely feel the positive energy that each creation emits when you put them on. Every one I own is unique and eye catching and people are always asking about them. I can't wait to see what she is working on next !

Jen Bryan
Toronto, Ontario

I have the larger "climb every mountain ring".  As someone who feels most at home in the mountains this ring resonates with me on so many levels. It is light to wear but a strong and durable piece of jewelry. It is a beautiful piece with angled edges that make it look like a different ring just by rotating on the hand. It has a grounding energy and feels so good to wear as an everyday ring. I would highly recommend Craig Contemporary jewelry as a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

Lauren Black
Airdrie, Alberta